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Apple Blossom
May 24 2015
Mi Amore
June 21 2015
What a Tattletale
June 14 2015
Eva' Callista
July 7 2015
Aug 1 2015
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AKC Grand Champion French
Bulldog "Elway"














































Just for you
Jason Schuring
Black Sunflower Seeds Forever!
Thank you!


" Noteworthy's 2014 Progeny"

What an incredible 2014 we had.
Thank you to everyone that have traveled
with us on this wonderful jouney!

Here are our 2014 foals:
You can click on the mares name to go to her page
and her foals pictures to go to the foals page!

Apple Blossom "Jelly"
due 5-9-14

"Duly Noted" 5-17-14

Eva Calista "Eva"
due 6-12-2014

"Take Note Callista"

Whata Tattletale "Tally"
due 6-14-14

"C Note" 6-11-14
This colt is for sale
Contact Cindy at
Geneva Equestrian


due 6-30-14

"Notable Nick" 6-26-14

Firenza "Fire"
due 7-23-2014

"Nonpareil" 7-8-14

This filly is for sale.

due 7-31-14


"Nike" a Filly 8-8-2014

This filly is foal for sale.
Contact Cindy
Geneva Equestrian

Spring 2014

Excitement galore as we welcome our first wonderful foals
that this long difficult journey has been all about.
Certainly it has been "Worth the Journey"!
Thank you Cindy, for you support and belief in Noteworthy and Jay'me.
Thank you all those have traveled along with us with support
on this long journey to bring this great stallion back.
Thank you Leslie Weiss for being in our lives
and being a great teacher.
Thank you to Dr Andy Schmidt for bringing us to the end
of our journey with "six mares for six pregnancies" .
You made our perseverance all worthwhile.
We can't wait till you meet all the babies.
Now we begin a new journey with exuberance!

C Note, Noteable Nick, and Duly Noted at 1 Year
July 2015
Photos by Margaret Burlington






"Noteworthy Dutch Warmblood Pedigree 1995"

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