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"About Notheworthy"

NOTEWORTHY, a 17hh Bay Dutch Warmblood stallion
approved GOV & ISR/Oldenburg NA ~

Noteworthy is a spectacular stallion with the international quality of his famous father, G.Ramiro Z. ("Stallion of the Century") Noteworthy has never been beaten by another stallion or gelding in the in-hand ring. His offspring carry on their sire's reputation by winning numerous in-hand titles themselves, as well as countless premium ratings and Champion Foals in the Oldenburg Inspections around the country. Not only do they have Noteworthy's unsurpassed quality, but also his beauty, power and presence! Noteworthy is a success in every way! He has been shown PSG and is an outstanding quiet natured citizen.

Noteworthy was bred by Carolyn Hoekstra born on her Knollwood Farm in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1995.  His sire is the preferent stallion G Ramiro Z, who was approved in every Warmblood registry in the world and had a great influence on sport horse breeding.  Not only was Ramiro named Horse of the Year at Jumping Amsterdam in 1992, but also has had several approved sons including Almiro, Armstrong, Berstein, Damiro, Elmero, Rampal and Zeoliet.  His daughter, famed "super-mare" Ratina Z, won both gold and silver medals for jumping at the Barcelona Olympic Games and the Volvo World Cup the year following.  G Ramiro Z's sire of dam, Cottage Son, was made famous by his approved son Consul who is the father of Joost and Codex.  G Ramiro Z's grandsire, Ramzes, also sired the influential jumping stallion Rigoletto.  Despite his impressive ancestry and sports results, one of G Ramiro Z's biggest claims to fame is his fertility and sperm quality.  They were so excellent that he was used in the research of artificial insemination and frozen semen to produce the science we know today.  This tendency for high fertility is passed on to his get, including Noteworthy.

Noteworthy's dam is the Ster mare Hodea by Bergerac, son of the preferent stallion Nimmerdor who was recently named Stallion of the Century in the Netherlands and who was invited to the Olympics in Los Angeles.  He has always ranked very high on the jumping indexes in Holland.
Noteworthy Trot
Nimmerdor's extreme jumping talent is passed to his offspring; he has more than 30 approved sons worldwide.  Hodea's sire of dam is the preferent stallion G Ramiro Z, making Noteworthy 62.5% G Ramiro Z genetic makeup.  Although awkward to those not familiar with genetics, this feature is preferred and positive in affect.

Noteworthy is approved with the German Oldenburg Verband, the International Sporthorse Registry, and the Oldenburg Registry of North America. Since both parents are Dutch approved, Noteworthy is registered with the NA/WPN and received his Ster status in 1999.  He has over 60 championship titles in the in-hand ring, and has never been beaten by another stallion or gelding.  Under saddle, he continued his success, earning more championships as he moved up the levels.  As successful as he had been in the show ring, Noteworthy's real strength is in the exceptional quality of his foals as performance horses.



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