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Erin's Un-named Filly Born Early Morning 4:22 AM

July 9-2015.


The last foal of the season has been born.
This is Erin and her foal.
A very large filly!
Born early this morning at 4:22 am.
Owned and bred by Cindy Bonamarte.

This is a cell phone picture.
She is doing great and Erin is being a great Mom.
Erin was born this color and became grey.
Noteworthy has Raimond, Ramzes and Rittersporn, all greys,
as sires in his pedigree!
(See Excalibur an outstaning colt in 2001.)
So we will see if she turns color. Would be fun!
She is a big beautiful filly no matter what!

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July 24-2015 2 Weeks

Photos by Margaret Burlingham


The Filly will have her own page when

we havea her name.



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