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Nadrowej (Naz-Drov-ya) is Polish for "Good Luck and To Your Health"

Noteworthy x Ilanka (Dutch Warmblood)
 Bred by Carolyn Hoekstra Knollwood Farm

Take a look at Nadrowej's Dam Ilanka pedigree.

Farn, Nimmerdor, LadyKiller, & Ramez!
Full brother to Excalibur


A wonderful, incredible journey.

Hi Jay'me!  

I would love to hear more about Noteworthy!  He really is beautiful!  
I am lucky to own one of his babies... But I had no idea what I was getting when I agreed to take my "Moose"!!!  

He was bred by Caroline Hoegstra in Michigan and purchased in-utero by Amy Hoffield here in Pittsburgh.  Amy raised him until he was three and then sold him to a man named Ken.  I am not sure what Ken did with him for the next three years, but he ended up donating Moose to a Police Mounted Unit.  Moose failed the vet check for the mounted police and Ken was not in a postition to take him back.  Luckily I was contacted because I have horses and asked if I wanted him.  They said he was not sound to ride but he had a really nice personality!   I really was not in the market for a horse at the time, but couldn't pass up his sweet personality.

I agreed to take him and they told me he was a draft cross!  He came home to me in the early spring and when he started to shed his winter hair I saw that he had an Oldenburg brand!!!   I contacted Ken and he told me he was registered and sent me his papers.  That was when I learned he was sired by Noteworthy!  

I then stopped trail riding him and put him in training with Lisa Hall at Uphill Dressage!  He is a very big horse (18 hands!) with a big personality!  But he has been a great partner for me!  I love him!  We are currently showing first level and training at 2nd and having so much fun!  

It's a crazy story but I am blessed to have him!  I will send some pictures and I would love to keep in touch! 

Sarah and Moose

March 2014

Nadrowej (Naz-Drov-ya) is Polish for

"Good Luck and To Your Health"

could he have been named any better!


Update from Sarah November 2014!

Hello Jay'me,

This is Sarah Teagarden, I have Noteworthy's son Nadrowej.  
We had a great year of showing and we wanted to send some pictures!  
We went to region 2 championships and placed in the top 10!  
I was thrilled!  

We just got home from USDF Nationals!  
We had a slight bobble in our test
(apparently he thinks a flying change is acceptable at training level! Ha!).
So we didn't place, but I was still thrilled with him and
he made me very proud!  

Enjoy the pictures and give Noteworthy a pat from us!

Sarah and Moose (Nadrowej)


Thank you Sarah and Moose we love

seeing you both and look forward to next yar!

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