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My niece Taryn
working with Neffer for me when I was too far away. It was wonderful knowing
he was getting tender loving care
everyday from Taryn and my sister Becky.









































































































































Noteworthy x OCS Sunshine Girl
Bred by Jay'me Stevens


Mequon, WI 2008

So what can Concentrated Genetics do for you?
Take a coarsely built PMU mare (half Belgium Draft / half American Paint Quarter Horse) named OCS Sunshine Girl and cross her with Noteworthy and you’ll get a Site Champion over 28 other nice foals by nice mares.
The Oldenburg NA  judge, Christian Schacht, scratched his head and said he knew it was not an Embryo Transfer then said to everyone “I’m going to have to go back to school ~ I don’t know how you did this.
He is a very nice horse!”
Thank you Christian Schact for awarding us the Grand Championship that day!  That brought a feeling of validation.  I new I had chosen the right stallion to correct my very sweet mare. 
Noteworthy being 62% his father G Ramiro Z, allows him to put a real stamp on his foals.  He is as short backed and uphill with a fabulous neck and a canter to die for as any mare owner could hope for.  He is engineered to produce those traits strongly! 
The proof is in Nefarious and his sister Notoriety.

This is what concentrated genetics can do!


1 Day Old


At 4 months

Training to Load for the Inspection

Waiting to Load for the Inpection


Site Champion


Neffer at 1 Year


Neff at 5 Years Old

Jay'me and Neffer - Dynamic Duo
Photo by Jackie Latino-Moran
Framing by sister Becky and Dad at
Maple Marsh Wildlife Gallery and Custom Framing
Click here to see video of Neffer at 3 on long line training.
(Will open in another tab.)
Click here for photo album of Neffer at Silverwood Oct 6th 2013

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