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Apple Blossom
May 24 2015
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June 21 2015
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June 14 2015
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July 7 2015
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2014 Progeny

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October 2014

Click here for Apple Blossom complete pedigree
Click here for Noteworthy's complete pedigree
Click here forDudly Noted complete pedigree

Thank you to Margaret Burlingham again for magnificent pictures.

"Duly Noted" at 3 Weeks

To make any phote pause, just put your curser over the picture,
to continue just move your curser away.
To see the picture enlarged just left click on it once.


"Duly Noted" 10 days old

"Duly Noted" Unfolding!
With Jay'me and Cindy

Excitement galore as we welcome our first wonderful colt
that this long difficult journey has been all about.
Certainly it has been "Worth the Journey"!
Thank you Cindy, for you support and belief in Noteworthy and Jay'me.
Thank you all those have traveled along with us with support
on this long journey to bring this great stallion back.
Thank you to Dr Andy Schmidt.
Six for Six and you made our perseverance all worthWhile.
We can't wait till you meet all the babies.

One Day Old

"Duly Noted" Just Arrived

Take a look at this foals
Great Grandsire "Jus De Pomme" winning Olympic Gold

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