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"No Doubt" is out of Cindy's lovely "Eva Callista" who was Trakehner of the year for 3 years running.

With Noteworthy they have produced another top colt.

"No Doubt" is the fourth highest scoring Premium colt in the United States for 2015 Oldenburg NA.

8.4 Conformation
8.8 Movement
8.5 Overall Impressions
Over All Score of 8.6


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Click here for a completePedigree on "No Doubt" coming.


"No Doubt Floating" by Photos by Jackie
They are just great- thank you!

Owner/Breeder Cindy Bonamarte
was told by the Judge
he is very special and is
definitely stallion material.



"No Doubt" strutting his
"Site Champion Premium Brand!

All of Noteworthy’s foals have sweet,
workable temperaments.
We are offering FROZEN semen only at this time.
We have a limited supply as Noteworthy
is 21 yrs old and the last son of G. Ramiro.Z http://www.horsemagazine.com/thm/2010/08/ramiro/

If you want his bloodlines in your program now is the time to purchase a breeding.
Buy a breeding for only $1500.
A small price to pay for a Ramiro grandson or granddaughter!


Noteworthy Dutch Warmblood Stallion



Thank you to Margaret Burlingham again
for this magnificent picture.

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