Died in the fall of 2016 at 31

He is the horse that let Jay'me know what
magnificent is. Jaster was given a wonderful life after an injury as a pasture buddy. They called Jay'me and she had a very tearful good bye before he was gently let go.


"Original Intent"

"Muttley "
Love of my Life


Caliopep R.I.P. 2014
Notable Nick - Grand Champion Colt

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"Worth the Journey"


Jay'me's journey with Noteworthy began because of an incredible horse
named "Original Intent" nicknamed Muttley. He was an Oldenburg crossed with and American Saddlebred. He was bred by Leslie Weiss.
However her journey with horses began with a pony named "Charlie".

Hope you will enjoy the story of the "Journey".

The story to be posted as soon as editing is complete.

Charlie a precouious pony!










































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